Addressing your risks + hazards

An interruption of business operations due to system, construction, or operational process failure can have significant legal, insurance and commercial consequences. Using advanced software solutions and expert analysis, we pinpoint the root cause of failure and help you get back on track quickly and safely. Our team of experts have proven experience in complex system failures, multi-component failure analysis, root cause analysis, materials failure analysis science, litigation support and expert testimony. We investigate fires, explosions, chemical releases, equipment and systems failures, as well as progressive or sudden structural failure analysis of collapse at a wide variety of commercial, institutional, transportation, government, manufacturing and processing facilities worldwide.


When a failure occurs, the impact on business interruption, reputation, and liability is significant. We have experience investigating fire and explosion incidents, industrial or process failures, process safety, vehicle and marine fires, heavy machinery and equipment condition failure analysis, and more. Our team is well-versed in dealing with low, medium and high voltage electrical systems, a variety of building materials and appliances, and operating procedures. We work diligently with you to get your facility back online quickly with an intense focus on safety. Our industry-leading experts support all industries throughout the 皇家88娱乐 and across the globe allowing us to respond to your incident with Rapid Response.


When your machinery, machine tool guarding or heavy equipment isn’t working, it can cause prolonged interruptions to your business, or even pose a safety hazard to personnel. Common failure types include fire and explosion, corrosion, malfunction, electrical failure or human error – all of which we’re well-equipped to determine through rigorous scientific analysis, investigation and analysis.